Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and all the wise men of the world are already trying to plan it out. The ladies in our lives deserve to be shown that we value them, and one of the best ways to do so is through a little thing called effort. If we scramble at the last second to take them out, they will notice. Planning out the evening in advance shows how much you value them.

The first thing to consider is where to take them for a romantic meal. This is where a lot can go either right or wrong. Choosing the right place shows that you have put thought into it based on your knowledge of her tastes.

Now that it has been established that it is important to think about it and make the right choice, here are five places that you ought to think about when contemplating your romantic dinner:

5. Bin 707 Foodbar

Bin 707, located two blocks north of Main Street, has delicious dishes that are made from scratch and the food is locally sourced. You can consume seasonal Colorado cuisine with your loved one, knowing that you aren’t just delighting your palate, you’re also supporting local business rather than adding your money to another chain restaurant.

The only downside to planning on eating at Bin 707 is the fact they don’t take reservations. You can use that to your advantage, however. Show up, put your name on the list and then take her on a pleasant stroll through historic downtown, knowing they will call when your table is ready.

4. Nepal Restaurant

Nepal Restaurant is situated right on Main Street and offers a variation from the norm. There are multiple Italian, Mexican and American dining choices in Grand Junction, but on special occasions, more of the same isn’t always good. Try tastes that originate from Nepal.

Bryce Reedy | The Criterion

The unique blend of spices will offer you both something to enjoy that is sure to enhance your night out. You may not be able to take her around the world, but bringing something from far away to her is a great way to have a new adventure. Nepal Restaurant used to have a Valentine’s Day buffet, but they won’t offer it this year. That actually makes it a lot classier. Buffets may be nice, but they don’t inspire romance.

3. Le Rouge

Also on Main Street, another variation from the norm comes in the form of French cuisine. You can even get adventurous with trying their signature escargot appetizer. A couple of lovers looking to expand their horizons couldn’t go wrong with that choice.

Le Rouge will have a special menu on Valentine’s Day that features meals and desserts for two. Toss on your berets and spend the evening pretending you’re in Paris.

2. Citrola’s Italian Restaurant

Few people know romance like the Italians, and Citrola’s is out to prove it. Located off of 24 Road, Citrola’s offers delicious meals that are sure to speak to your taste buds. They even have gourmet mac and cheese, so you can wine and dine her while embracing a childhood pleasure.

Citrola’s is not just offering good food and atmosphere this year, they are also helping gents provide their special ladies with a touch of romance. They offer a package that includes a bottle of wine and flowers set up in advance. It shows her that you really went out of your way to pre-plan the evening.

1. Your own kitchen

That’s right. Your own kitchen. Real men know how to cook and nothing shows effort like taking the time to make your sweetheart’s favorite meal. That will demonstrate that you have paid attention to the things that matter to her, and that you find her valuable enough to devote your own time and energy into making it just for her.

If it is something you have never made before, you definitely want to make sure to have a trial run. You don’t want to serve up an inedible mess and then have to sit through an hour wait at Olive Garden as your backup plan. It’s just not going to impress her.

Regardless of where you ultimately decide to take her, remember to spend the entire day treating her like a queen. She’s your special lady and deserves to feel like she matters. Besides, the better you plan out Valentine’s Day, the more inclined she’ll be to participate in the MAR 14 holiday. If you don’t know what that is, Google it. It just might inspire you to be on your best Casanova behavior this month.

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