For the last six years, students from Colorado Mesa University (CMU) and community members have gathered on campus to attend Relay for Life – a fundraiser for cancer.

Many students like Molly Rabon the recruitment and sponsorship chairman of Colleges Against Cancer and Katie Perroni, the student ambassador, recruitment survivor chairman have been affected by cancer personally.

“I wanted to do Relay [For Life] because my aunt had passed away the semester before, so I wanted to support everyone going to through the same thing as me,” Rabon said. “It was a heart -warming experience to see how united the school and community were.”

At the beginning of this school year Relay for Life was not a set thing. Stacy Rodriguez, the president did not have a lot of students interested in helping her – luckily, for her Rabon stepped in to the rescue as cancer is subject close to her heart.

“We want as many clubs as possible involved, but we specially want to get Greek life involved. We hope it will be a unity things between all the different branches of Greek life,” Rabon said.

 Relay for Life is not only a fundraiser for a good cause, but also a fun experience for the many students who participate. Relay for life begins with a moment of silence for those lost their battle following with a walk for the survivors. During Relay, there are also lots of activities to participate in put on by the clubs attending such as yard games, raffles, hair donation, dancing battles, and many more. Relay for Life goes on for 12 hours – during those 12 hours clubs and individuals continue to fundraise money.

This event also provides opportunities for surviviors to network with one another. Many students such as Perroni have been involved with Relay for Life for the past four years as she herself is a cancer survivor.

“I signed up freshmen year not really knowing what is was going to be like. Once I participated in Relay for Life I was just amazed at how our school and community could come together for such a worthy cause,” Perroni said.  “I love what it stands for and I love being part of something so personal to me and to many others. Cancer has affected all of us in some way or another.”

 Last year, during the Relay for life event 17 thousand dollars were raised. The goal for this year is to get more participation from the community and school organizations. The goal for fundraising is 20 thousand dollars. The date is still tentative to change, but it will be taking place sometime in April.


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