Several misconceptions have sprouted up in the student body about the nature of the relationship between Western Colorado Community College and the main campus of Colorado Mesa University. Some students are unaware of what opportunities available across the two campuses.

“We have one school that has three campuses Montrose, WCCC, and our main campus. WCCC has students who attend there and have students on this campus and vice versa,” Julie Stump, manager of Student Life operations, said. “The locations can feel like a divide between WCCC and the main campus. However, it shouldn’t be an obstacle to being involved.”

Jordan DeLeon

Many of the resources students can use on the main campus are also available to all WCCC students. This is a good opportunity for the students of WCCC to not only supplement their coursework but also to build relationships with students who attend the main campus.

“WCCC students are welcome to use our lounge, use the library, use the computer labs and the Maverick Center. A Mavcard is good here, it’s good in WCCC and Montrose as well,” Stump said. “It is encouraged that students from each campus use the UC. It is a student union; a place for students to come and feel a part of the university.”

There are even more opportunities for students from each campus to get involved on another campus. “Students are more than welcome to participate in the clubs and events of another campus. The Stall Street Journal is hung in the WCCC bathrooms to promote this,” Stump said.

There are also opportunities for students to share their thoughts on the situation as well.  “I think that ASG knows that there are feelings of students feeling disconnected from the campus,” Stump said. She continued saying, “They are open to hearing comments or concerns. They have town hall meetings periodically where students from any campus can come and voice their opinion.”  This is a great way for students, from any campus, to have their voices heard. ASG (Associated Student Government) is not just the main campus’s; it belongs to all the campuses that are a part of CMU.

Hopefully, this clears the air on some common misconceptions about the three campuses. We are one school regardless of which campus you attend.