Colorado Mesa University promises a free concert every year for students to enjoy and offer a way relax in the middle of the semester.

This year, it was announced that the concert would be held during the spring semester; however, the most important bit of information is still waiting to be announced.

Who is the artist coming to CMU?

As a senior at CMU, this will be my fourth annual concert, and hopefully the best yet. After stressing about homework, classes, graduation and the real world, I need this concert to come through.

I am craving some good music, dancing and an occasional forceful fist pump. We, as students, need this concert to keep our spirits high so we can finish the semester strong.

I acknowledge that everyone’s taste in music is subjective, but this is an opinion article. I hope you can consider my opinion reasonably.

I am speaking for my taste in music and from personal experience.

Crite Staff | The Criterion

Last fall, American Authors came to CMU. The student turnout wasn’t as great as the two years before, changing the entire atmosphere of the event. The friends I talked to about last year’s concert were mad with the choice of the entertainment, and want an artist that will be as fun as the two years before.

G-Eazy came to CMU in 2014 and I loved it. It is probably because I like his music and the genre of rap. That concert had what I believe, the most amount of students attend. The biggest crowd I have ever seen on CMU’s campus.

From my own personal experience, the “college” age demographic enjoys rap music. Rap/Hip-Hop music is a more universal genre of music that us “millennials” can dance to. We need a talented rapper to come to CMU and give us the break from school that we deserve.

I think a rap concert would be the best for the majority of students, plus it will look good for our school. To have a big name rap artist come to the spring concert might have the ability to entice future CMU students. 

The amount hype that our school would receive for having a talented rap artist would be worth whatever money it requires to host a free concert. Two years ago, Atmosphere performed, so I hope we still have the budget for a big name in the music industry.

In, 2013 Macklemore came, and I heard that was a great concert, too. Oftentimes, the Mesa Theatre has big name artists perform, so there is no reason we can’t have a recognizable rap artist come to CMU.

I speculate there is a decent amount of money allotted for a spring concert artist and  some famous rappers are less expensive than you might think.

I assume Atmosphere, in 2016, must have cost around $50,000, so hopefully CMU has some money to work with this year. It wouldn’t be right for me to demand that it be a rap artist without stating some specific artists that I would be a lively concert to attend.

After doing very little research, I am guessing that an artist like Travis Scott would cost about $15,000, which isn’t too pricey, if we are looking to cut cost.

I know this a free concert, so we can’t be picky. I’m just asking for a talented rap artist and some great memories.


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