Just because the temperature is colder than we’d like doesn’t mean that we have to be sitting inside all day. As much as I enjoy binge watching show after show, it is good to go out and enjoy nature. Yet, what is there to do? Hiking can become dangerous with slipping on ice, and mountain biking isn’t really an option with my tires. Where can I go to find things to do outdoors in the snow and ice?

Colorado Mesa University offers quite an opportunity when it comes to outdoor adventures. As a student, I don’t know much about ice climbing and rarely can afford to go to different skiing resorts. Yet, The Outdoor Program at CMU has these once in a lifetime chances ready for us.

Throughout the winter months, the OP has many ice climbing trips planned. Most are in Ouray, Colo. and they have the gear and training accessible. I am one who has never been before and would need someone to help me get through it. This is a great chance for those who have never done it to try something new. They have only a couple more trips planned for the upcoming February weekends.

They also ski at night. What?! Yes, full moon skiing. This is something not a lot of people would get to do in a planned setting. Sure, if you want to go off trail and you are awesome like that, but for those of us who aren’t phenomenal skiers, this is a great chance.

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Not only do they have skiing during the full moon, but they are planning on doing trips to Monarch, Red Mountain and Crested Butte. These trips cost, but as CMU students we get a better price with The OP.

The OP always offers a chance to adventure for students. Some people have even come here purely for that program. They have all the adventures that are possible in this area. The best part is we different adventures with the seasons.

In the spring, the OP offers tons of rafting, tours and biking to look forward to. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s snow time.

If you are tired of just sitting on the couch and want to experience something, go to the OP office and check out their trips. Try something new, meet someone new and learn some new skills. With affordable costs and shuttles for transportation, it is a no-brainer. Even though it may be cold outside, there is still plenty to do.

If you are a newbie like I am to ice climbing and skiing, the OP may have the gear or at least will help you find it. Not many people I know from around Colorado have said that they have gone ice climbing or even skied during a full moon. Why not get out there and enjoy the cold? Feel the brisk wind on your face and then enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate to tie it all up.

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