February is, arguably, the most deadly and dragging month of the school year. At this point in the year and in the spring semester, every student has settled into a comfortable routine of sleep deprivation and late night coffee runs.

Classes have settled into normality and homework has officially backed up. Our Christmas money is almost gone and the New Year’s resolutions to finally go to the gym have been abandoned.

For me at least, it seems the days are at a horribly uncomfortable length, and the excitement of winter has outstayed its welcome. It’s officially time for it to be spring, time for us to be able to stay out past seven with the sun still out. Honestly, I’m tired of walking to class as fast as possible because the air is cold enough that I feel like my face will fall off.

February is the month where the joy of Christmas and New Year’s has passed and the next holiday is Easter. That sucks. The only exciting part of this month is Valentine’s Day, and honestly, that’s only a fun day for people in a relationship.

I mean, in the spring semester, every month has something to look forward to in it except February. January is the first month of the New Year, so everyone is still full of motivation, and March has spring break halfway through it. April is the beginning of spring and Easter, and May is the last month of the school year.

All this month has to offer us is that the new aspects and excitements of the year become boring and normal, and the point where everyone officially hates winter. Everyone’s classes are feeling more official, past all the introductions and busy work. Tests and quizzes are becoming more frequent and difficult, and essay assignments are being assigned impossibly quick.

It still feels like we just got back to school from winter break, and here we are suddenly drowning in school work and tests. The spring semester seems to move both impossibly fast in the way it erases the remnants of break relaxation but also drags toward spring break and summer.

Emily Van Devender | The Criterion

Inspiration is starting to run dry and motivation to be healthy and active is slowly withering. The choice between a Netflix and soda night or a veggie shake and workout becomes more clear, we’re becoming lazier as the month goes on.

In the fall semester, weekends were an exciting time for socializing and partying. Hanging out with friends and meeting new ones was a normal activity. Spring semester is not quite as enthralling, and this month is the month where everyone runs out of steam.

We’re so tired that the appeal of spending the weekend in another dorm with other people and then waking up with a hangover is not appealing in the least. All we want to do is lay in bed with some ramen and a good movie, and do everything we can to unwind and forget about the mass amounts of homework and studying that’s waiting for us in the upcoming week.

So, in a summary, February is the month where everyone enters a period of peak exhaustion and boredom in the school year, and motivation is at a low. I mean, 49 days until spring break, right?


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