Finding good places to study outside your bedroom is critical in college. You never know how loud your roommate will be or who they’ll bring home, so it’s always good to have other escape routes.

Everyone’s study preferences are different. Some people like white noise and crowded areas, while others need complete silence and seclusion.  I had a friend back home who would go to the gym to study because she learned best when she was moving. A good environment to study is key to learning and retaining information. You know where you learn best, and how you learn best. Surrounding yourself with areas you know help you get what you need to get done is kind of necessary for us crazy college students.

As a freshman, finding my classes was hard enough. I thought finding cute quiet corners would be near impossible on a campus; I knew nothing about it. But, this campus is filled with cute corners, places with outlets and great lighting. Personally, I study best in places that smell like books and coffee: quiet, semi-dark corners where I can sit down and crank out the books.

My favorite place on campus to study at the moment is a little corner on the first floor of the library. I could really study anywhere in the library, but this place is cute, quiet and secluded. It’s next to the cafeteria area, but far enough none of the noise travels. Not to mention, if I get hungry, I can eat and not feel bad because it’s not actually in the library. If my friends come, we can talk freely and laugh loudly. The spot is next to a window as well and it’s always nice to look outside every once in awhile during study sessions.

My second favorite place is against the wall in the University Center’s Starbucks. I mentioned before how I love the smell of coffee while I study, and this place definitely fills that need. Of course, Starbucks is a very popular study spot, but it’s for a good reason. There’s just something about the smell of warm coffee and espresso that focuses the brain like no other and the whole place has a very quiet, focused atmosphere. They have outlets everywhere, as well as people typing and writing everywhere you look. I love it.

My third favorite study area is in the little courtyard of Wubben. I didn’t know about this courtyard until I heard about it from a friend but, wow, it’s so cute. There’s amazing light, plants and green everywhere. It’s outside and secluded and there are almost never students there, which can be nice when you really need to get away to study. The open and healthy atmosphere is really nice and the constant brightness is always appreciated for blind folk like myself.

These places are all a go-to for me for studying and reading, but like I said, everyone’s different. This campus is filled with places made for studying; we just have to look for them.


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