Those who spent time in Escalante Hall this past week might have come out of the building sweating or complaining. The air conditioning was broken, leaving students fanning themselves and complaining about the heat.

As a student who frequently has class in the Escalante Hall, I found this week’s break from the AC to be a relief. Instead of complaining like my fellow classmates, I was basking in the heat.

I was able to sit in class, comfortable and pay attention. The building went from Antarctica to Africa. I prefer Africa.

Instead of the shivering, I was able to sit in class and actually pay attention. The classrooms were completely different, not just the temperature, but the environment as well. Many were uneasy and hated being in their classrooms. This caused some professors to cancel or end classes early, which I have no objection to, but found the warmth comforting.

Usually, the building is ice cold. Coming out of the hot Grand Junction sun into an ice building feels nice for some. But, how cold does it actually need to be? After five minutes into class, I am reaching for my extra packed clothing. I have learned my lesson over the past two years and come prepared. I pack hoodies and sweats that I can quickly pull on. In the winter the temperature outside cools, but the building doesn’t warm up. Last winter I would wear a hat, mittens, fuzzy socks and even my winter coat while taking notes.

I would rather be in a warm room where I can focus, instead of sitting in a class for an hour plus, miserable. It does affect my learning. Sitting in a room with your insides telling you to find warmth makes learning difficult. This past week is evidence of that. If I was to pull out my notes from this past week in warmer classrooms to all my past lectures, it would be evident that I was paying more attention. I was comfortable.

I understand that AC costs a good amount and that CMU has to have every building stationed with it. Escalante is not the only freezer on campus. The other buildings like the University Center and Moss Performing Arts are where I spend a lot of my time. I find the same issue in all these buildings. After editing for hours in the Criterion office inside the UC, I have found myself going home and not being able to warm up for hours.

Maybe I am just colder than others, and I have done what I need to survive through class.

I may be one of the few that enjoyed the heat, but it was nice to not have to fill my backpack with extra clothes and have goosebumps for hours. The AC is fixed and everything will be back to Antarctica temperatures. Now it’s back to packing my gear to brace the cold.

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Laura Huwa
Laura Huwa is a junior majoring in mass communication. Laura is also minoring in dance and exercise science. This is Laura's first year with the Criterion. She has had previous experience with her high school newspaper, The Columbine Rebellion. She cycled through being an editor and writer for every section. Laura is looking forward to working as the Art&Life editor for The Criterion.


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