At some point in our college career, most of us will find someone super attractive, develop feelings for them and fall hopelessly in love. What else are college students supposed to do? Just kidding! That’s not exactly what college is ALL about.

Although dating does happen in college, I’m not so sure it’s the main focus of college life. I mean, why are we all here? To get an education, right? So what is “dating” in college? More specifically, what is it like at CMU? Well with the help from CMU students Brooklynne Kibel, Malik Cole and Halle Ahrens, we can define what this college experience really means and what it’s like for several students.

When asked a few questions about this chosen topic, each of these students demonstrated different opinions. I started out by asking them if they believed dating relationships were an important aspect of college. Both Ahrens and Cole said, “yes.” Kibel, however, said, “No, because school is the main focus at college.”

To continue, I questioned them about what they thought dating life is like at Colorado Mesa University and what defines it.

Ahrens said, “Taking this new step in life together, going on dates, and going through tough situations together. Why? Because it’s just like what defines any other relationship.”

Kibel said, “I feel like dating life at CMU would be super fun (hangout and do homework together) and filled with walking each other to class and fun stuff like that. CMU seems super accepting of everything.”

Cole said, “You have a girlfriend and go on dates, having fun and Netflix and Chill.”

This statement led me to my next question of how these select students felt about standard “hookups.”

Cole said, “They’re nice and I think they should happen a lot.”

Kibel said, “I feel like you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Ahrens, however, took a different approach to the question. “I don’t ‘hookup’ or think anyone should ‘hookup,’” she said. “It’s pointless to me.” I inquired how college has affected their dating point of views. Kibel said, “I feel like college has shifted my thoughts of wanting to date because I’m in college to learn, not date.”

Cole said, “It hasn’t.”

Ahrens said, “It hasn’t, yet at least. Being in a relationship for a year before college, I haven’t experienced “college dating” I guess.”

What’s my opinion on the topic? I believe that although I will probably date during my college career, it’s not my main focus of why I’m here. I’m at college to get an education so I can do what I love for a career in the future.

What do I think dating life is like and how would I define dating at CMU? To start off, I like what Kibel said. I think it would be nice to walk to class together with someone and study together. Taking it slow and making time to go on dates and do activities that you both really like is also what defines the term “dating.”

As for standard “hookups,” I can definitely agree with Ahrens on this one. I’m definitely not the type of person for a “hookup” and I’d rather spend my time in a meaningful relationship than doing that.

Finally, how has college affected my dating point of views? To be completely honest, college hasn’t affected my dating point of views at all. My education has always been important to me and I’m almost 100 percent positive it will always be that way.    


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