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Oftentimes, college students find themselves with little to no money after their bills are paid and their groceries bought. Very few students are able to work a part time job, let alone a full time one, especially athletes. How...
A little more than an hour away, depending on how many miles per hour that you are willing to speed, lies the town of Moab, or more famously: the town by the Arches National Park. The Arches National Park...
  Perhaps the most popular way of training hamstrings in the gym is performing hamstring curls. It makes sense. After all, it incorporates the pulling motion of the hamstrings. As such, it would be incorrect to state that hamstring curls...
As a group fitness instructor, I am keenly aware of the imbalance in the sexes when it comes to attending group exercise classes. Even on classes where there are a lot of attendees, the male participants can typically still...
Ah, Tinder. The window shopping of dating. Let’s be real, no one actually uses Tinder to find true love. If I had a dime for every story I hear of a failed Tinder relationship, I wouldn’t have to pay...