In their first meeting of the semester, the Associated Student Government of Colorado Mesa University saw one appointment and one joint resolution.

The appointment of Jasmin Tellez filled the vacant professional studies seat left by former Senator Kevin Kahuena, who graduated last December. Kahuena, one of the more vocal senators on ASG, left a large void to be filled, something fellow professional studies Senator Jarrott Brown brought up during the discussion. After personal recommendations from both Senate Leader Sam Gaasch and Senator Shelby Cerise, Tellez was appointed to the position unanimously.

ASG spent the remainder of its time for new business reading and discussing Joint Resolution 17-03. The resolution seeks to better define the relationship between ASG and other fee-funded organizations. The resolution states that ASG should be an example of professionalism to other organizations and that while ASG does not have the right to censor these organizations, it does retain the right to professionally critique them.

The resolution was sponsored by ASG President Ben Linzey and written by both executives and legislative members, with the help of Vice President of Student Services John Marshall.

Lauren Lipski | The Criterion

During discussion of the resolution, Linzey explained that the resolution was written in response to the grievances filed against both The Criterion and against Senator Richard Nguyen. Linzey believed that the resolution would serve to mend the relationship between both groups, and hoped it would quell discussion of The Criterion leaving Student Life, which Linzey said would be a loss.

“We do recognize the value of professionalism and respect,” Linzey said in regard to both the resolution and last semester’s disagreements.

Linzey also stated that he wished to meet with Editor in Chief Alec Williams to discuss the resolution and what can be done to improve the relationship between the two groups in the upcoming semester. Cerise echoed this idea, suggesting that the resolution be tabled until after Linzey could speak with Williams.

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Lauren Lipski
Lauren Lipski is a senior at Colorado Mesa University serving as The Criterion's managing editor for the 2017/2018 school year. She is also majoring in English literature, English writing and Hispanic studies. She also served as the managing editor of Pinyon, CMU's poetry magazine. Upon graduation in May 2018, she plans to pursue graduate studies in writing and publishing.


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