How sweet one year makes.

Grand Valley Oncology and Community Hospital celebrated their one year anniversary of offering radiation oncology treatment for cancer patients in western Colorado as well as eastern Utah. The hospital held a celebration ceremony on Tuesday, March 7.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone for Community Hospital’s radiation oncology program,” Community Hospital oncology doctor, J. Ryan Bagley said. “It is important that cancer patients have a choice in where to receive treatment locally.”

With the partnership of the University of Utah Health Care and Huntsman Cancer Institute, Grand Valley Oncology treated over 150 cancer patients in the past year.

Grand Valley Oncology was created in December of 2014. Doctors JoAnne Virgilio, Diane Melancon, Ruth Higdon, Michael Appel and nearly twenty oncology nurses joined Community Hospital to form a new cancer program.

Two years later, the oncology program became a full-service cancer center that offered both medical and radiation oncology services.

“We believe Grand Valley Oncology is a great choice for cancer patients in the Grand Valley and surrounding areas,” Bagley said.

The hospital has since become supplied with advanced radiation equipment which allows radiation oncologist Gayle Miller, medical physicist Charles Fuller and Bagley to target treatment of tumors with precision, which spares surrounding healthy tissue.

The phone number for Grand Valley Oncology is 970-254-3180. The website is Community Hospital is located on 2351 G Roa


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