by Carley Litten

The Associated Student Government (ASG) of Colorado Mesa University has recently gained additions to their ranks, including three new senators and a new chief of staff within the past two weeks.

Since 2016, the roster has fluctuated and changed with a large turnover rate. The ASG Senate has grown by seven as of 2017, and many positions that were filled in 2016 now have been replaced by new senators. However, ASG is still currently in need of a new Supreme Court justice as well.

On Jan. 25, Criterion Managing Editor Alec Williams took on the position of Chief of Staff which was vacated by Aden Cesmat in 2016 following former Student Body President Josh Dillinger’s departure.

Wednesday, Feb. 1, Criterion Online Editor Joe Azar was appointed as the new language, literature, and mass communications senator, Erica Pacheco was appointed as the graduate senator, and Thaddeus Wilcox was appointed as a health sciences senator.

The recent meeting also included the Nordic Ski Team and Club Table Tennis Team, which presented to the ASG Senate with the request of funding for upcoming competitions taking place out of state.

The Nordic Ski Team requested $4,328 to allow them to attend the USCSA National competition in Bend, Ore. The request was later approved by the Senate.

The Club Table Tennis team requested a fund of $450 to help them travel to a tournament taking place at the University of Utah. This too was approved by the Senate.

While the senators were discussing whether or not to fund their expenses, Senator Zach Kresge advocated for the funding of the Club Table Tennis team.

“I think this is sweet because these little clubs are starting up, and they’re little now, but they said they have 20 people,” Kresge said. “These little clubs are also a big part of why people come to CMU.”

As for further additions on campus, Student Body President Ben Linzey explained that ASG is currently working to develop a memorial where students can go to reflect.

“The idea is to create a memorial that doesn’t have any names on it,” Linzey said. “It’s a multipurpose memorial.”

This interpretive memorial is not yet set in stone. However, ASG is in the process of trying to make it happen.


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