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Mexican restaurant on Main re-launches with fresh ingredients

Walking up to the mezzanine level of MX Tapas Restaurant, one may not know what to expect.

Previously known as La Bamba Mexican Cuisine, the restaurant has officially re-branded and re-opened as of the first weekend of February.

Without a doubt, MX is a place that can please all of your senses with a wide range of food and drink choices. Its specialty is, of course, Mexican and Spanish Fusion, bringing the taste of traditional Mexican spices with Spanish Tapas.

For those wondering what tapas are, MX’s menu explains that tapas are “essentially a style of eating rather than a form of cooking. It means sociability, friends and family.” Tapas are basically appetizers, but a full plate of appetizers, and the central idea is to forget about the food you are eating and concentrate on the people you are with.

Relating them more to the culture of Mexico, the tapas are also known as botanas, a finger food that can comprise anything and everything, and MX’s range from jámon serrano (dry-cured ham) to ceviche or even basic dishes like chorizo and shredded beef.

Its drink menu is also fairly extensive with plenty of margaritas and “beergaritas,” which ensure a good time. Just looking through the menu will either make you order everything or come back for more.

MX Tapas Restaurant is a dining experience best served for a plus-one, so couples and groups alike looking for some spice from the south should definitely check out MX Tapas on Main Street.



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