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Obama fails to keep Affordable Healthcare promises

Over the last week, millions of Americans have found themselves unable to sign up for the long-anticipated and highly controversial Affordable Healthcare Act, leaving some with the impression that Obama is more of a jackass than his party’s symbol suggests.

As an avid supporter of Obama from his unexpected emergence in the 2008 Presidential race, it’s concerning to see his administration fall flat on their faces — unable to adequately address the mounting concerns and criticisms launched at them by Republicans.

For a president, there’s nothing more embarrassing than failing to provide for promises made, especially when the country is so decidedly partisan on the issue.

The Affordable Healthcare Act was destined to be Obama’s crowning achievement in the White House. While the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the assassination of Osama Bin Laden may have been cherries on top, they were necessary to overcome the blatant inability of Obama’s administration to strengthen the economy by bridging party lines. Now, as millions of uninsured find themselves locked out of the website (healthcare.gov) promised to bring them a sense of stability, one can’t help but sympathize with the enemy.

Republicans may have held the federal government hostage, resulting in a shutdown that had catastrophic financial implications, but their overall message of uncertainty surrounding the new healthcare mandate has only been reaffirmed by the technical difficulties troubling the website.

Now, as major political players, including Colorado’s own Democratic Senator Mark Udall, have organized  a coalition to extend the enrollment deadline, the Obama administration faces a tough reality brought about by their own incompetency. Either they extend the deadline to allow Americans more time to register on the faulty website or they continue with the status quo and violate the long spirit of hope and change that landed Obama in the White House in the first place.

For now, Obama seems off base with this present reality. Addressing the nation last Monday, he had the audacity to claim that, “no one is madder than me” about the website’s malfunctions. With all due respect, Mr. President, I believe that millions of struggling American families who remain uninsured after six years of clinging to rhetoric would beg to differ. Maybe it’s time the Executive Office takes a little advice from Lady Gaga: “Once you kill a cow, you’ve got to make a burger.”


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