Western Colorado Community College vice president Dennis Bailey-Fougnier resigned suddenly last week after 17 months on the job, according to the Daily Sentinel. Bailey-Fougnier and CMU Director of Media Relations Dana Nunn presented Bailey-Fougnier’s informal resignation to President Foster, but as of Tuesday, there has been no formal letter of resignation.

President Foster sent out an email to university staff on Jan. 31 to announce that Bailey-Fougnier was “resigning and taking a leave of absence,” according to the Daily Sentinel.

According to the Daily Sentinel, Foster announced that Brigitte Sundermann would become the acting vice president in Bailey-Fougnier’s place. Sundermann has been working at WCCC since 2000 as an assistant technical professor for engineering, machining and computer-aided design, but she served as vice president of community college affairs from 2010 to 2015. Sundermann said she was honored to take on this temporary position.

“I care about every aspect of the university and the community college,” Sundermann said, according to the Daily Sentinel. “The community college is near and dear to my heart and always has been.”

Foster plans to wait until the end of the semester to find a permanent replacement for the position.


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