Where are you from?

“Loveland, Colo.”

Why did you decide to come to Colorado Mesa University?

“I decided to come to CMU because I fell in love with the scenery when I came for a visit. I also got the Distinguished Scholar scholarship, so it was also the best option for me financially.”

What’s your major and what’s your plan after you graduate?

“I am a business administration major concentrating in marketing and finance. After I graduate, the plan is to open up a family-owned and operated funeral home with my two sisters.”

What’s a typical day of Shania look like?

“Wake up and head to the office by 7 a.m., drink lots of coffee, do homework before class, go to class, come home and either study/go to the gym, or I serve tables at Enzo’s. On the weekends, aside from studying, I like to spend time outdoors.”

Do you work outside of being a student? If so, where and what do you?

“Yes, I work in the marketing office on campus in the mornings as a marketing and public relations assistant. One of my main jobs is working on the main website to improve its accessibility and search engine optimization. I serve tables a few nights a week at Enzo’s Pizzeria and Italian Café because I want to graduate from college debt free.

I am also in the business honors program and run the business department Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page with my classmate.”

Who has the biggest impact on you?

“My Dad has the biggest impact on me because he has overcome so much in his lifetime, always has a positive attitude and has inspired me to love the outdoors.”

What is your most memorable experience?

“My most memorable experience is getting charged by a moose when I was a four-year-old camping.”

What is your favorite activity?

“My favorite activity is hammocking. I like to pitch my hammock to sleep under the stars whenever I can. In addition, I love to hike, backpack, four wheel and fish.”

What’s your biggest goal/dream?

“My biggest goal in life is to have a successful business. My family has faced adversity my whole life and it would be so nice to be financially stable and happy working alongside them.”

What’s your favorite type of music and why?

“My favorite type of music is alternative music. My favorite band is Twenty One Pilots. I listened to an alternative station growing up in my hometown and they were one of the bands that I always loved.”


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