It’s once again the time of the year to log onto MAVzone and plan out courses for the spring semester. On Oct. 30, registration for spring courses will open up online, for seniors and graduate students.

Juniors will be able to register on Nov. 1, sophomores on Nov. 3 and freshmen on Nov. 7. Students with academic merits, such as a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, can register a day earlier than their designated day. Open registration for non-degree seeking and concurrent students opens on Nov. 13.

For registration, the student’s year is determined by the number of credit hours earned. Students qualify as freshmen if they have less than 30 credit hours. They qualify as sophomores if they have 30-59, they qualify as juniors if they have 60-89 and they qualify as seniors if they have 90 or more.

The credit hour count only includes credits that are complete and passed as of this last summer, as well as transfer credits that are passed with a grade of C or better.

New students who are taking classes at CMU for the first time should attend an orientation in order to schedule their classes with an advisor.


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