A current Colorado Mesa University Sodexo employee has been placed on “investigatory leave” by the company, according to Joe Winegardner, general manager of dining services at CMU.

On Oct. 30, the employee allegedly sent sexually explicit and threatening messages to a 21-year-old former Palisade High School student on Facebook. 

At this time, the Grand Junction Police Department has received multiple Facebook messages concerning the Sodexo employee and his alleged messages, but no one has filed a report, according to Heidi Davidson, GJPD’s public information coordinator.

The police department is currently investigating the messages.

Screenshots of the alleged messages, which were given to The Criterion from the alleged victim, are extremely graphic and sexually violent. They describe actions the alleged messager suggested doing to the alleged victim.

CMU Vice President of Student Services John Marshall described the messages as “atrocious and unacceptable,” and informed the Sodexo employee that he is not welcome on campus while the matter is being investigated by the university.

The administration’s decision was made within hours after they were made aware of the messages.

“Right now, the process is in the hands of corporate security,” Winegardner said. 

The Sodexo representative flew in today, according to Winegardner, and will be investigating the matter for the company.

Chris DeLeon and Alec Williams contributed to this story.

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Alec Williams
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