Oftentimes, college students find themselves with little to no money after their bills are paid and their groceries bought. Very few students are able to work a part time job, let alone a full time one, especially athletes. How are we supposed to go out and enjoy ourselves every once in awhile, when all of our money goes to paying for warmth and nourishment. However, there are a few certain ways to save, where it counts the most. For example, the heat bill. Heating a house can be so expensive, and if you’re like me your house is old and the insulation is almost useless. If my roommates and I aren’t careful, we could potentially spend our entire paychecks plus some, in an attempt to stay warm. Through a bit of collaboration and higher-level thinking, we have come up with a few ways to cut costs on the energy bill.


Have a system for opening and closing your blinds.

Every morning, make sure to open the blinds, in order to let sunlight in. I was extremely skeptical of this method at first, however, it works! Considering that Grand Junction is in the desert, the nights are freezing and the days are warm. Close them at night to ensure that less heat escapes. And on a side note, it is scientifically proven that natural light can significantly improve a person’s mood and outlook on the day. However, don’t forget to close them so no one can see in at night.  


Have a massive pile of blankets at your disposal.

There is no shame in wrapping yourself in a blanket so hard that you look like a burrito. Blankets are one of the greatest things that a college student can own. Every time I go to my mother’s house I steal one. Now I have a huge pile of cozy blankets sitting on my couch just waiting for me to cuddle up with them. And if you’re really committed, invest in an electric blanket. After just a few minutes of sitting under one of those, you’ll be set on body heat for the next few hours.


Open the oven after baking.

Utilize all of your appliances that produce heat. Chances are most of you use your oven a few times a week. After you are finished baking, prop the door open, allowing all the heat to escape. This idea is not my own, however, common sense. You’re paying for the heat anyway so you might as well utilize it to its full extent.


Wear lots of layers.

Just because you’re at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear layers. That should be the time when people are most comfortable wearing two sweatshirts and baggy sweatpants. The head and feet are two of the greatest escapes for body heat, therefore, beanies and fuzzy socks go a long way. Chances are if you live in Colorado, you have plenty of warm clothes to choose from. Sometimes I don’t even take my coat off for a few hours after getting home.


Leave the heat on a low setting.

Even when your roommate is a heat-loving beach bum, you have to fight against their retaliation to rack up the heating bill. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Sit near each other while doing homework or watching TV, to conserve body heat. If the situation calls for a serious course of action, thermostat lock boxes are $10 on Amazon. And if the situation calls for an even more serious course of action, caulk the cracks so no one can stick long thin objects in, to manipulate the dial.


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