Oct. 8: Stephanie Corona was issued a summons for MIP marijuana at 1200 Houston Ave.

Oct. 9: A 45-year-old male wearing all black was seen leaning over a bicycle on a rack outside of Tolman Hall. When a student approached, the man quickly walked away. No suspect information and no theft occurred. Likely an in-progress attempt.

Oct. 9: Diego Navarro and Cole Kennedy confessed to damaging several mailboxes over the weekend after attending a party. Diego and Cole were issued summonses for criminal mischief.

Oct. 9: A fight between several people, students and non-students, was reported to campus police the following day. The fight occurred in the lower parking garage of the Maverick Center. No serious injury. Investigation is ongoing.

Oct. 11: Robert Woods, age 18, was arrested and released on a summons for MIP alcohol at 1280 Cannell Ave.

Oct. 11: Student discovered his vehicle window had been shattered in the parking lot of Garfield Hall. No suspect information.

Oct. 13: Matthew Zorbas, aged 18, was arrested and released on a summons for MIP Marijuana at 1140 Texas Ave.

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Chris DeLeon
Chris DeLeon is The Criterion's news editor for the 2017/2018 academic year and a certified personal trainer and military veteran. He is in his second year at CMU, working towards a bachelor of science degree in exercise science before going towards a doctorate in physical therapy. Chris began writing seven years ago but recently brought his love of the written word to journalism.


  1. I really love reading about these and they help me to know what is going on in my halls or other places on campus so that if I see anything suspicious I can help. So thank you for reporting these things.


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