Sept. 10: Johnathan Rosales (non-student) and Thomas Tinorri unlawfully entered 757 Bunting Ave. and caused damages between $50-$300.

Sept. 10: A juvenile female was arrested and released for MIP after being contacted at N 23rd Street and Orchard Avenue.

Sept. 10: David Ciesielski and Michael Brust were issued summonses for MIP marijuana and alcohol.

Sept. 10: Oscar Aguirre was arrested for DUI and MIP marijuana and alcohol.

Sept. 12: Fabian Marquez claimed ownership of a bong at 1155 Mesa Ave. and was cited for drug paraphernalia. Officer said Marquez had an excellent attitude.

Sept. 13: An adult female reported possible sexual assault in the northeast quadrant of Grand Junction. Investigation is outgoing.

Sept. 13: Student reported that another student is harassing her via text at Bunting Hall, but did not want criminal charges pressed at this time.

Sept. 14: Cody Charron was arrested and taken to jail for being intoxicated on campus and violating a restraining order. He was then served with a notice of trespass and suspension.

Sept. 15: Student had his long board stolen from Taco Bell. Investigation identified two non-student males as the suspects. Warrant has been requested.

Sept. 15: Student had his bicycle stolen from 1416 Elm Ave.

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Chris DeLeon
Chris DeLeon is The Criterion's news editor for the 2017/2018 academic year and a certified personal trainer and military veteran. He is in his second year at CMU, working towards a bachelor of science degree in exercise science before going towards a doctorate in physical therapy. Chris began writing seven years ago but recently brought his love of the written word to journalism.


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