The Grand Junction planning commission held their final meeting of April on Tuesday. On the agenda, there were three topics up for individual consideration.  These topics were looking for the commission’s recommendation to send them to the city council.

After hearing the presentations on all three of the topics, and listening to any public comments, the commission gave recommendation to all three of the topics unanimously, 5-0.

The topic that garnered the most discussion was the final topic of the night, which was a request to amend filing two of the ridges planned development. This was the second time this topic was discussed at the planning commission after the first proposal was not passed by the commission.

This was the only topic on the night that had public input. The one citizen that spoke was against recommending this to proceed on to city council because he felt that there were not enough changes to the proposal from the original one.

However, despite the citizen’s opposition to the proposal, the planning commission felt the changes made were good enough, and they sent their recommendation to city council.

Following the vote, planning commissioner William Wade gave a message to anyone who was concerned with the recommendation.

“There will be plenty of opportunity for anyone who is concerned about what we recommended to speak at a city council meeting,” Wade said. “The city council can base its decisions somewhat differently than we do. We have to look at the code and that is the only criteria that we have. Does this meet the criteria, does it apply to the code as it exists today?”

The other two topics were voted on unanimously after there was no public input for or against the proposals. The first proposal was a request to rezone a planned development, and an outline development plan for the properties located on the north bank of the Colorado River between highway 50 and 27 ½ road. The second was to request to rezone 9.339 acres from residential-8 due/ac to residential-5 due/ac zone district.

Planning commission’s’ next meeting is scheduled for May 9, and the next city council meeting is set for Wednesday at 6 p.m.

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Bryce Reedy
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