Weight loss is the number one reason why most new clients come to me. In fact, body composition is something that weighs heavily on the mind of nearly every body-conscious person in America.

Unfortunately, this worry has opened the door for fad diets. I am not going to repeat the article that I already wrote about fad diets, but I will focus on the many beneficial aspects of the macronutrient they often demonize.

Carbohydrates have been framed as the biggest contributors to expanding waistlines. This criminalization is unwarranted, and can actually hinder someone from making lasting progress in their battle of the bulge.

While it is true that some forms of carbohydrates will contribute to body fat rather than diminish it, that doesn’t mean that all of them will. Not all carbs are created equal. A donut does not have the same nutritional value as a bowl of oatmeal.

Complex carbohydrates are not only an essential source of energy, they also contribute to brain function. Additionally, the correct balance of good carbohydrates will help you make lasting progress in your journey to a trim waist.

Now, I will list some super food carbohydrates that will make you healthier and better able to burn away excess fat. For starters, I will focus on a carb source that I have already referenced: oatmeal.

Oatmeal is high in soluble fiber. This means it dissolves slowly and will keep you feeling full longer than other foods. That leads to less eating. Studies also show that oatmeal consumption helps reduce fat that hangs around the midsection and organs.

Next is Bulgur wheat, also called cracked wheat. It takes a while to prepare, but it is time well spent. Half a cup of the fiber-rich grain contains five grams of slow-burning fiber.

Speaking of fiber, don’t overlook the advantages that beans offer. Beans are great for heart health and digestive function. Additionally, beans are loaded with protein and iron to aid in recovery from exercise.

A nutrient powerhouse comes in the form of wheat berries. These are mini kernels of whole wheat that are packed full of fiber, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals. The combination helps boost metabolism and transfer food into energy.

Quinoa isn’t just a super food, it’s a super protein. While being a carbohydrate it also contains the essential amino acids needed to power muscles and burn calories. All the benefits of eating meat without the saturated fat.

Most people tend to mentally separate vegetables from carbohydrates when they discuss cutting carbs, but it’s inaccurate to do so. Face it, veggies are carbs. I could write an entire article on the benefits of veggies, but I will suffice it to say they fight disease and cancer as well as fat.

A simple swap from white pasta with whole grain noodles can turn a fattening Italian dish to a delicious trip to a smaller pant size. In case you have not yet noticed the recurring theme, that is because they are full of fiber.

Along the lines of substitutions, brown rice is an outstanding replacement for white rice. It is also packed full of slow-burning fiber and contains a healthy dose of protein.

Barley is a great complex carbohydrate for satisfying hunger. It also helps to prevent blood sugar spikes that lead to binge eating and sugar cravings.

Along the lines of sugar cravings, they can be satisfied by another source of carbohydrates that is often overlooked as being in the carb group. Fruit is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

These 10 super foods are not the limit of healthy carbohydrates. Instead of cutting carbs, therefore, just cut out processed foods, meats that are heavy in saturated fat and all foods containing “empty” calories. Making the right choices will lead to successful weight loss.                  

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Chris DeLeon
Chris DeLeon is The Criterion's news editor for the 2017/2018 academic year and a certified personal trainer and military veteran. He is in his second year at CMU, working towards a bachelor of science degree in exercise science before going towards a doctorate in physical therapy. Chris began writing seven years ago but recently brought his love of the written word to journalism.



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