People who satisfy their caffeine fix at the Starbucks located in the University Center at Colorado Mesa University have most likely had drinks made by Doreen Crawford. Crawford is the head supervisor and retail manager of the University Center’s Starbucks and has many responsibilities.

Crawford is responsible for hiring employees, ordering products, coaching and counseling employees, taking inventory, along with many other jobs, which include working shifts as a barista.

After being a stay-at-home mother for 12 years, Crawford came to work for Sodexo. Crawford has been working with Sodexo for 13 years now and become the manager at Starbucks when it opened in August of 2014. Before becoming the manager at Starbucks, she worked at Jazzman’s, a the former coffee shop located in the UC.

Crawford loves working on the CMU campus and has a wonderful relationship with students, staff and faculty.

“I love to be around young people,” Crawford said. “Young people keep you young.”

Crawford raves about how polite, positive and respectful the CMU students are, speaking about how she gets hugs from students as they pass her in the hallways.

Crawford is a grandmother to a three year old grandson, who she loves getting to spend as much time with as she can. Crawford also enjoys gardening and spending time with her new puppy, Clover, a Golden Doodle who joined her house on St. Patrick’s Day.


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