Undoubtedly, decorating for the holidays is one of the best parts of any holiday season. The “most wonderful time of the year” wouldn’t be the same without the twinkly lights, the carved pumpkins, the ornaments and the cornucopias. How are we supposed to get into the holiday spirit if we don’t have the decorations put up? Decorations remind us of the inevitable joy that comes along with the gift-giving, trick-or-treating and caroling. Here are a few reminders as to why decorating for the holidays can make you a happier person.

4. Holiday decorating is a tradition, and traditions are comforting.

If you and your family have decorated your home for as long as you can remember, why stop now? Oftentimes the things that we’ve done for so long are the things that we turn to when we’re in an unfamiliar place. If putting up twinkly lights in your dorm room reminds you of helping out your dad string them up, then go for it! That happy memory of being with dad will transfer over when you’re doing the same thing in your room.

3. It’s a chance to spend time with friends and family.

During a chaotic holiday season, filled with trying to find the perfect gift for those we love and studying for finals, it’s easy to forget to spend quality time with our friends and family. Helping your mom put up the ornaments on the tree or carving pumpkins with your best friends are simple things you can do together. Spending time with those we love is one way to guarantee happiness, at least for a little while.

2. Decorating can help you de-stress and relax.

While we’re all so busy being caught up in everyday life, it can be difficult to just take a step back and relax. Decorating is the perfect way to do that! Just five minutes of decorating where you’re not thinking of anything else is a surefire way to clear your mind and focus on something simple. So while you’re studying for that math final, thinking that you’re going to lose your mind, just take a quick break to decorate! I promise that you’ll feel much better when you sit back down again to hit the books, if you’ve taken the time to make the space around you more joyful.

1. You can take a drab dorm room into a cheerful space.

It’s pretty clear that the beige walls and the inherent plainness of a dorm room can be pretty boring and downright depressing at times. It’s easy to look past it during any other time of the year, but not during the holiday season! Like it was mentioned above, hang up some twinkly lights, find some mini pumpkins at the store or hang up a wreath. Anything to change the space you have to call home for awhile is one of the best bets to make you a happier individual.

Decorating for the holidays can be as simple as just putting the tree up and hanging a few ornaments or attaching some gel clings in the shape of pumpkins to your windows. Just remember, you don’t have to make it look like it came out of a Martha Stewart holiday catalog in order to be happy.


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